General Internal Medicine

General Internal Medicine specialists are specialist physicians focused on adult multisystem complex diseases.

I have a family doctor - why do I need to see a General Internal Medicine Specialist?

Simply put, family medicine encompasses a broader patient population than internal medicine. Family medicine doctors manage the overall physical and mental health of all ages, including children. In Ontario, General Internal Medicine (GIM) specialists have at least 4 years of training specifically in adult medicine with intensive training on internal processes in adults.

What kind of things are seen by an Internist?

GIM doctors are specialist physicians who look after complex multisystem diseases. Our internal medicine team, while working with our cardiology team and other specialists in the clinic will help with diabetes management, blood pressure treatment, cholesterol and lipid testing and treatment, in addition to disorders of the kidney, electrolyte imbalances, neurological complaints, lung disease, liver disease, thyroid disease, pancreatic diseases, and infectious diseases.

I want to see an Internist? Can I make an appointment?

In Ontario, seeing a GIM Physician requires a referral from a doctor or nurse practitioner. If you have one, please take our information to your family doctor or nurse practitioner and let them know we are happy to see you in a fast and efficient manner. If you don't have a family doctor, please click here to book an appointment with one of ours who would be happy to see you. Our Family Physicians will help determine if you require an assessment by GIM, and if you want to see one within Unify Men’s Health, can help set this up as soon as possible, and sometimes the very same day.

Can you get me a CT Scan or MRI?

Advanced imaging systems like CT and MRI are within hospitals. Our team works closely with multiple surrounding hospitals and if needed will refer you to a local hospital for imaging. How fast you can get an imaging test is based on how urgent the issue is and is the decision of the hospital based radiologist. We can help discuss your issue with our hospital partners to advocate for you if and when needed.

I have chronic symptoms associated with COVID (Long COVID) - what should I do?

Long COVID is a novel syndrome which is currently being researched around the world. Symptoms include fatigue, prolonged chronic, continued shortness of breath, anosmia (loss of smell) and difficulty concentrating among others. Specialist assessment includes clinical concern along with respiratory, cardiac, or neurological symptoms that are new, persistent, or progressive. Specialist assessment may be required for such clinical concerns as respiratory, cardiac, or neurological symptoms that are new, persistent or progressive which the referring physician feels may be related to a Covid-19 infection. Our GIM physicians would be an appropriate starting point to discuss your symptoms and to consider appropriate diagnostic tests and treatment options.

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