Family Medicine

We are your main contact with the healthcare system and our family doctors have a special interest in men's health.

Why do I need a family physician?

In Canada, your family doctor is your main entry point to the healthcare system. We have expert knowledge of the wide range of common problems experienced. We recognize and consider personal and professional stress that may affect you. We know that providing you with the best care requires us not only to diagnose and treat your condition, but also to understand who you are and how your illness affects you. We want to help work with you to prevent chronic illness and support a healthy, functional and fulfilling lifestyle. We work with other specialist physicians and other allied health professionals such as nurses, social workers, pharmacists and therapists to provide you the best possible healthcare services.

How can I get a family physician?

If you are looking for a family physician in our clinic please click HERE to send an email and our staff will be in contact with you. If you do not currently have a family physician you can find one through Ontario's Online Portal or by searching the CPSO database.

I have a family physician but I’m interested in being seen at Unify Men’s Health

For various reasons, patients may wish to switch or transfer to a new family physician. It is in the interest of everyone that the patient/doctor relationship be positive. If a patient is not happy with their family physician, patients are encouraged to speak with their family doctor directly about any concerns they may have. If you would like to be seen by one of our specialists please discuss with your family physician to determine if this is a suitable referral. Contact Us - if we can help.

Can my wife and kids have the same family physician as me?

Of course! There are some great advantages to having the entire family be cared for by family physicians. The doctor would still treat everyone confidentiality as required but would understand the many intertwined social and emotional aspects affecting your families wellness. While Unify Men’s Health was designed specifically for men, many of our family physicians also work in the Leaside Village Medical Clinic in the very same building as Unify Men’s Health.

I just have an issue and it's urgent but not an emergency. Can I be seen?

For any emergency please call 911 or go to your local emergency department. For urgent issues we run a same day appointment based walk-in service. Examples of issues commonly seen are urinary infections, sore throats, joint pain, rashes and small cuts requiring stitches. Click HERE to make an appointment to be seen. 

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